The Vision

Sometimes it comes in a dream, sometimes it enters your mind in a moment of distraction, but no matter how it happens, it’s always the same.

Distant hammers striking steel with a rhythmic pounding fills your ears as you find yourself standing in the cavernous halls of a Dwarven citadel. Driven by an anxious curiosity, you make your first tentative steps into the torch-lit passages. The stonework hallways double back on themselves in impossible ways and a hopeless feeling overtakes you as you realize you’ve become hopelessly lost in the maze of corridors. The melodic noise of the hammer strikes draw closer as you blindly scramble forward looking for a way out. Rounding a corner the corridor opens into a central forge dominated by a stone arch with a fire burning beneath it. Inside countless Dwarves toil at anvils crafting never-ending identical gleaming hammers. Despite their outward appearances of expert craftsmanship, you know instinctively the hammers are inherently flawed and are certain to fail under any use.

As you take in the scene before you, a faint whispering rises in your mind. The fire under the stone arch is extinguished and replaced with a eerie green glow while the flesh of the Dwarves falls away in thick, putrid clumps. The blacksmiths continue their work uncaring, but instead of striking steel with their hammer, they are bursting open the heads of Dwarves who listlessly approach the anvils and lay their heads upon them. The gruesome scene is too much to bear and you turn to flee only to find yourself suddenly buried alive. Consumed by panic, you claw at the loose dirt enveloping you, desperately hoping to find open air. Just as your feel you are about to give in to suffocation, you break the surface. Looking around, you see a small logging village in the distance. Snapping out of the vision, a name sticks in your mind - Falcon’s Hollow.

Unnerved by this vision, you find the location of Falcon’s Hollow and make your way to the remote logging town. It isn’t long before you discover you aren’t the only one who has experienced the vision and along with your companions, you endeavor to find the meaning of it and reclaim a sense of peace.

The Vision

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